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Because Operations shouldn't be back-office

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Because Operations shouldn't be back-office

Our Values


At Harmonic, we believe that ‘brains beats brash’ every time. Colleagues are encouraged to impress you with their specialist knowledge, not with how much business-jargon* they can drop into a sentence.

Our company structure and job titles reflect this commitment: we’re analysts and community builders first, business development professionals second. With each of our colleagues fully-committed to producing the most detailed and high-quality industry analysis for their sector. Take a look at our insights page here.

*only the Four Tops should ever “reach out”.



Every customer and colleague is equal and receives the same care and attention. At Harmonic, we act, communicate and think with this front of mind, and– as with all of our company values- display of respect directly determines promotion prospects and annual compensation. We don’t do meaningless buzzwords.

For many candidates job hunting can be a time-consuming and emotionally draining process. And with this in mind we commit to polite and considered communication at all times. You won’t be kept waiting for updates or information and in the unlikely event that anything goes awry, it’s ingrained in our culture that we own our mistakes and rectify them as quickly as possible.

We understand that each of our colleagues and customers have different life experiences, abilities and outlooks. We celebrate and harness this diversity (it’s no coincidence that our UK HQ is in Camden Market!) and listen actively to ensure that everyone’s viewpoints are heard.



We measure our success as a business by our social impact, not just our revenue growth. And have consistently committed 5% of our net profits to charities and social causes which are important to us in the UK and USA. This covers ongoing commitment to supporting mental health wellbeing organisations, children’s literacy, race and gender equality and LGBTQ+ organizations. We are firm believers that small gestures of kindness can make a huge difference and reject ‘culture war’ dialogue and social division.

Our clients and candidates are people first, not a human capital ‘resource’ to be farmed. And we have been committed since the very beginning to hosting only events and workshops which add real value to our business community. Through our partnerships with Tech Nation, Supper Club, YPO and Forbes we have attracted Entrepreneurs, Investors and Executives from $1 billion Unicorns alongside Pre-Seed wizards who are ready to share their knowledge and wisdom.


Take a look at our industry insights.

We love the sectors we work in. Because we understand them so well, we understand what our clients are looking for, and any challenges their industry may be facing.

Our insights are topical and enlightening, and showcase our knowledge of the sectors we care so much about.

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Web Summit 2022

Web Summit 2022

Earlier this month, some of the Harmonic team and I had the pleasure of attending Web Summit 2022 held in Lisbon. Web Summit is Europe’s largest tech event that brings together some of the biggest names in tech alongside a global community of start-ups.

Values Driven Start-Ups. How Ethics Brings Growth

Values Driven Start-Ups. How Ethics Brings Growth

In the past two decades we have seen exponential growth in the Tech start-up and scale-up space and there is one trait, regardless of industry or sector, whether in SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, e-commerce, HealthTech, AdTech or a whole host of others, that they have in common and that is exponential headcount growth.

People Ops and HR: The Creative Industries

People Ops and HR: The Creative Industries

When thinking of job roles within the TV, Film and Music industries, images of glamorous actors, athletic musicians and artistic directors come to one’s mind. If you knew more about the people that make up the creative industry, then perhaps event managers, crew members, producers or even stunt doubles came to mind.

Has remote working helped the Boston start-up space?

Has remote working helped the Boston start-up space?

The COVID pandemic affected global economies, governments, and societies in many different ways.

I've had the pleasure of working with Harmonic on two specific executive searches. One to place our CFO and the other to place our EVP of Global Operations. I found both processes to be really productive and ultimately leading to a place where we hired the right person for our business. Harmonic does an incredible job of understanding the culture, the strategy and the levers that move the businesses they work with. Ryan Barry, President, Zappi Find out more about our values

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Our dedication to finding the best candidates in the market has given us a reputation to be proud of, and allowed us to team-up with some of the most exciting start-ups, scale-ups and creative organisations. To find out more, contact us today.

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Because Operations shouldn't be back-office

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