Harmonic get great people and great organisations to work in tune together. We do this by being a disruptor brand, which means that we think and act differently to other recruitment agencies. We're described by customers most frequently as 'fast', 'honest' and 'fun', with our objectives being linked to long-term service rather than just making a fast buck.

Meet the leadership team

Our Values


At Harmonic, we believe that ‘brains beats brash’ every time. Colleagues are encouraged to impress you with their specialist knowledge, not with how much business jargon* they can drop into a sentence.

Supported by a Leadership team who have direct experience of managing Operations and Support professionals, we’re unique in our understanding of what makes a great hire. Or which role best suits your career development goals. 

 *saying “game-changer” or “touch base” is a disciplinary offence.

Our Values


We’re here to help, whatever your level of experience or the size of your organisation. You wont be kept waiting for updates or information and it’s our mantra that nothing is ever someone else’s problem to resolve.

Celebration of difference and diversity is ingrained into our company culture (it’s no coincidence that our HQ is in Camden!). It keeps the Harmonic camp happy, but also keeps our horizons broad enough to support 21st Century customer needs.

Our Values


We take our responsibilities seriously to our local community. From offering monthly pro-bono business mentoring to young entrepreneurs, through to our partnerships with the charities English for Action and Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, it’s important to us to have an impact broader than pure profit.

We also shape the dialogue in our candidate communities. Hosting events and debates twice a year, we connect our customers to support peer-to-peer learning (we also pick up the bar tab!). You’ll find us sponsoring industry events and commenting regularly in the national and industry press.