Looking to partner with an agency that has the nous to really understand your job briefs? Check. Need to make sure that your organisation’s values and vision are communicated clearly to candidates? It’s a given. The services we offer at Harmonic fall broadly into the three categories below.

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Service #1

Interim / Contract Recruitment

This is where the Harmonic know-how really kicks in. From Interim Project Managers, through to contract Sales Support, we have relationships with the best people in your area. You won’t just receive a shortlist from us based on skills, but also a synopsis on why each candidate wants your role based on our detailed interviews.

Worried you might need emergency cover at short notice? We’re happy to burn the midnight oil to get you a candidate shortlist ready for when you’re back at your desk in the morning.

Service #2

Permanent Recruitment

Ever worked with an agency that have real hands-on experience of leading Operations departments? Didn’t think so. With our experienced leadership team, Harmonic have an unprecedented, first-hand appreciation of what makes a great candidate, not just what makes a good resume. As a result, our success rate is through the roof.

We deliver your permanent recruitment campaigns from our London HQ, or- at no extra cost- support you from your offices to really get to understand your needs and culture. As standard, each of our shortlisted candidates are interviewed, qualified and evaluated on a technical level to an exacting standard.

It makes no difference whether they’re based in Stoke or Singapore.

Service #3

Executive Search

If you need a high level of planning and discretion applied to your C-Suite or Senior Hires, our Search team can accommodate this with ease.

We may be a little less stuffy than your average Operations staffing business, but that doesn’t mean we scrimp on providing rock star-level service to attract the top leadership talent on the market. With access to meeting rooms in 12 unique member’s clubs across 5 countries we host the very best C-suite talent in a manner befitting their skills and status.